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In her quest to get closer to her roots, American born actress Jennifer Jajeh travels across the globe only to find she’s arrived in her parents’ hometown of Ramallah at the onset of the Intifada, but she decides to stay on and live in a war zone…for the next 2 years!

In her autobiographical solo show “I Heart Hamas”, Jennifer Jajeh delivers an unflinching and provocative account of what it’s like being a single, Christian Palestinian-American woman in today’s increasingly polarized world of us vs. them. Follow her to auditions, on bad dates, across military checkpoints, and in tear gas filled taxi rides across Palestine as she navigates the thorny question of “where are you from?”, and figures out the safest and most advantageous answer.

“I Heart Hamas” is an examination of the political and social implications of Palestinian identity, and what that means to one woman in her personal quest for fame, love and a place called Home.
Oh yeah, and it’s funny too.

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Jennifer Jajeh is a San Francisco based artist. In addition to her work as a stage and film actor, she has produced and directed award